Quality Assurance and Accreditation Support

International Schools Accreditation

CfBT is a leading not-for profit independent provider of education and training services, operating worldwide with headquarters in the UK and offices in Oman, the UAE, South East Asia, India, and Africa. CfBT has an established history of accrediting international schools in Thailand and this is now expanding through South East Asia to the rest of the world.

Why accredit your school with CfBT 
Accreditation with CfBT  signifies that your school has demonstrated high standards of  student achievement with an effective curriculum, good use of resources, a successful leadership team, and strong partnerships with parents and the community  that ensure  your students  are well cared for and receive an enriched education.
The purpose of accreditation is to assure parents and students that the school has been judged by independent evaluators to meet rigorous high quality standards. The process of seeking and gaining accreditation with CfBT helps schools to improve because it involves regular self-review and affiliation with an organisation with extensive international experience, a proven track record of educational expertise and a commitment to supporting quality and effective school development.

A partnership for the longer term
A great advantage of our approach is that we do not inspect just to accredit the school and then disappear. Our partnership model ensures our continued advice and support, helping your school to build on your strengths, as well as remedying any weaknesses. Over time, we hope to become critical friends, working alongside your staff to help them reach the high standards they are already seeking to achieve.

Advantages of the CfBT International Schools Quality Mark
The accreditation criteria are rooted in high standards, which relate to international expectations and benchmarks as found in other inspection regimes (e.g. Ofsted in England and Sor Mor Sor in Thailand).
The accreditation process is developmental and grounded in self-evaluation. Candidate schools actively contribute to the process of school improvement through an evaluation of their own performance.

  • The concept of partnership is central to the CfBT system of accreditation, as CfBT provides support throughout the accreditation process and beyond.
  • Accreditation from CfBT is a cost effective way of assuring and demonstrating high quality.
  • The CfBT International Schools Quality Mark is awarded on a differential basis with a four-point star system.

How does the process work?

To receive the CfBT International Schools Quality Mark your school must be judged as effective in delivering an education in keeping with its stated aims in relation to the following areas:

  • Student achievement and progress
  • Student personal development
  • Teaching and learning
  • The curriculum
  • Support and guidance for students
  • Partnerships with parents and the community
  • Leadership and management

The process of first time accreditation involves four main steps:
Step 1: Preliminary Screen
The school first completes registration papers, which are reviewed by the CfBT Accreditation Board, and is visited prior to acceptance, as part of the application process for accreditation candidacy.
Step 2: Initial Visit
Once a school has been accepted as a candidate for accreditation, an Assigned Consultant is allocated, who will make an initial visit to establish a good working relationship with the Principal, the identified Lead Evaluator and other key staff. This visit will verify the outcome of the preliminary screening and the Assigned Consultant will explain and discuss the accreditation process in full. On completion of the visit, the Assigned Consultant will submit a short report to the CfBT Accreditation Board.
Step 3: School Self-Review
The school conducts a self-review with regular support and advice from the Assigned Consultant over an agreed period of time of at least one year, or two in most cases. Step 3 concludes when the Assigned Consultant signs off the self-review, which indicates an expectation that your school is ready to be accredited.
Step 4: Final Verification Visit
According to size, two or more consultant inspectors visit your school for three days to explore and verify the self-review and feed back to your management team on any emerging issues.

The visit includes
•  Interviews with the Principal, Lead Evaluator and other key staff
•  Lesson observation and sampling of students’ work
•  Interviews with students and parents
A written report is presented to the school reflecting the feedback given to the management team. This confirms the results of the accreditation visit and informs you of the CfBT Accreditation Board’s decision.
If the school meets the standards of accreditation required by CfBT, the International Schools Quality Mark is given for three years during which the school can display the certificate of accreditation on the school premises and use the accreditation logo on school publications.
The awarding of the CfBT International Schools Quality Mark represents a significant achievement, as it is tangible evidence of a school’s high quality educational provision for students.