Reforming national level education
We have substantial global expertise in working with governments to reform education at a national level. We have delivered contracts and consultancy in more than 80 countries on behalf of governments and major donors. We have been working with the Ministry of Education (Kenya) reform for over 20 years. Most recently as part of the Department of International Development (DfID)-funded Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) programme which will improve enrolment, retention, attendance and learning outcomes for 124,000 marginalised girls in Kenya.

School improvement
We are a leading expert in school improvement through inspection, support and training. Our inspection-related work includes being the strategic partner of the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) in England for over 20 years. We also have particular expertise in school leadership and teacher training.

School management and ownership
We own a family of independent schools internationally and manage a portfolio of schools in England.

Support for English language teaching
We have a rich history in English language teaching and we work strategically with governments and teaching staff across the world. Since 1984, we have been working in partnership with the government of Brunei to improve learner attainment in English and to build teacher capacity in one of the world’s longest running ELT public private partnership.

Careers and Employability services
We have first-rate credentials in providing services that bridge the gap between education, training and employment. We have been a leading careers service provider in the UK and internationally for over 20 years, and have a successful track record of managing programmes delivering careers, employment and skills support.

Providing English Language Lecturers to the Colleges of Applied Sciences, Ministry of Higher Education

CfBT was engaged by the Ministry of Higher Education for the recruitment of English Language Lecturers to the Colleges of Applied Sciences. As an international Company with an established reputation in the field of EFL for over 50 years, CfBT was able to recruit from a wider pool of nationalities to ensure a greater variety of choice and the alignment with other members of the English department at each College.

CfBT recognises the need to recruit and support well qualified, culturally adaptable, highly motivated and resourceful personnel, and offers a comprehensive search and selection process to:

  • select the right candidates for Teachers (through our interview and selection process) ensuring we have loyal, motivated staff who will quickly adapt to their new roles and add value to the institution where they work
  • provide them with ongoing support throughout the employment cycle in the form of coaching, mentoring and performance management
  • provide them with prompt and consistent support on all matters concerning their welfare, travel and accommodation needs to ensure that they can concentrate on their jobs without being distracted by personal concerns (through our Project Team at the Muscat office and our team of Field Assistants)

CfBT was able to introduce a range of high caliber native speaking ELT teachers to Oman. Having been through our induction process, a significant number of Lecturers and Teachers  were recruited into private institutions or direct contracts throughout Oman. And we were able to ensure a continuous supply of effective new recruits to meet the demands of our Colleges.

Feedback from each of our colleges indicated high levels of satisfaction with the quality of our staff. We worked closely with the Head of Department in each of the Colleges, and our teachers were regularly assessed by senior officials for quality assurance purposes. Every year, most of the CfBT Lecturers, who were formally assessed, were regarded as having excellent standards of language teaching knowledge, and pedagogical skills.

We were also able to address a number of educational issues around assessment and reporting, to ensure further improvement in the students results, as the onus was on our demonstrating this as part of our performance management process.

CfBT has been operating in Brunei since 1984. CfBT continues to assist the Ministry of Education by recruiting and managing English  Language teachers for government schools at primary, secondary and pre-university level. Under the terms of the contracts, CfBT supports its teachers operationally and educationally to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education, and improve educational outcomes for Bruneian students.

CfBT has developed an integrated approach in Brunei which recognises that expatriate teachers require detailed and comprehensive operational and educational support in order to deliver high performance whilst living and working in a new country.

Accordingly, CfBT’s operational approach emphasises the importance of providing a premium service to teachers and their families with regard to recruitment, arrival, orientation, housing, education of dependents, welfare, and other related areas.

Parallel to this, CfBT’s educational approach emphasizes capacity building, through continual evaluation and improvement of pedagogical practice and an ongoing commitment to learning and development. Training is informed by the need to improve student attainment and focuses on student centred teaching, Assessment for Learning and data –driven interventions. Capacity building involves projects, workshops and formal training all of which involve Bruneian colleagues as well as CfBT teachers.

CfBT’s operational and educational infrastructures are each governed and quality assured by CfBT Education Trust’s UK headquarters, to ensure that the company delivers international best practice in all areas.

In addition to this, a characteristic of CfBT’s approach in Brunei is close cooperation with the Ministry of Education, including Ministry involvement in the recruitment, orientation and performance management process.

Examples of our impact over the last five years are:

  • Recruitment
    We have recruited 6000 teachers to this project since January 1986 and continue to provide teachers to date.
  • Retention
    In addition, CfBT Brunei has enjoyed an average retention rate of 85% throughout the project.
  • Educational Outcomes
    Since 2006, CfBT’s SCOPE project has contributed to increasing the number of credits obtained at English O-level by over 100%. In addition CfBT has run a highly successful project focusing on Lower Secondary reading (LSRP), laying the foundations for SCOPE. Detailed case studies of these high impact educational interventions are provided below.
    In primary, CfBT has contributed to the Ministry of Education’s EPPS project through helping to introduce the use of Synthetic Phonics and Read Write Inc.