Our clients

CfBT Education Services and Partners works with a diverse array of clients including major inter-governmental bodies such as the World Bank and the European Union; donors such as UNICEF, DFID, DFAT and USAID; and government agencies in Oman, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and as well as countries such as Brunei, India, Somalia, Rwanda, Kenya and Cambodia, among others.

We achieve our mission by working in partnership with the government and the private sector to drive up the quality of education for all. We advise government and private sector clients on education strategy and design. We also work directly with clients to build capacity and to deliver education programmes and services.

We exist to improve education systems and make a difference in learners lives. With our partners, we aim to provide sustainable solutions to issues in education, and to improve outcomes for students and young people in Oman.

Our Local Clients